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We welcome you to Canada’s premium source of visa insurance products. And what makes us number 1 leader in Canadian insurance sector – our credibility. Experienced insurance professionals, affordable products, widest coverage and suitable terms and conditions are some of the inherent characteristics of our business. You can certainly tap yourself at your back for having discovered us!

What We Offer

Visa insurance Canada offers the most diverse range of insurance products related to the immigration industry. From super visa insurance to travel insurance, we have plans for every realm at every budget. We understand that our clients are already struggling with visa issues and immigration authorities. So, we have tailored our plans to suit every individual’s unique visa insurance requirements.

Comprehensive Super visa Insurance Plans

Super visa applications are getting hot! More and more Canadian immigrants, citizens and permanent residents, are filling these forms to call their parents and grandparents. The inherent tendency to live their parents makes them apply a super visa. One of the prime requirements of a super visa is insurance policy. The applicant has to purchase an insurance policy from a Canadian provider.

We aim to provide the best super visa insurance plan Canada at lowest premiums. These plans not only make you eligible but also provide real world coverage. The applicants get full medical support during their stay.

Affordable and Wide Coverage Travel Insurance Policy

Scenic landscape of Canada ensures millions come flocking to the Canadian shores as travelers. We help these visitors travel safe by providing excess coverage through our affordable travel insurance plans. All the plans are customizable to suit the individual needs of the visitor. The aim is to cover real world medical expenses incurred on hospitals, prescriptions and other medical equipment.

Choose the Leader in Insurance Sector

When you choose to work with the best insurance player in Canada, you ensure the safety and security of your loved ones. None of our competitors comes close to us in terms of:

  • Value for money
  • Widest coverage
  • Extensive agent network
  • International and national clients
  • Huge range of medical illnesses covered
  • Treatment from qualified and certified practitioners and surgeons

Contact our office for discussing your visa insurance requirements. Our experienced professionals will respond immediately with a custom-made product. When you buy from us, you buy something else with the visa insurance – you buy peace of mind!

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    Super visa has turned out to be a great success story for the Canadian immigration authorities. Every month, thousands of super visas are stamped allowing elderly to join with their grand children and children. And super visa insurance is the vital part of this visa. There are certain factors that […]



    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer expert solutions to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about Super visa Insurance and Travel insurance. No matter what the issues, discuss with the leaders of Canadian insurance realm. From visitor insurance to custom-made super visa insurance plans, we can make it happen. To get professional results, work with the