5 Tips to Help You Avoid Buying Ineffective Travel Insurance

Amateur insurance companies often refuse to provide medical costs to the person they insured probably because of single question that was answered wrong in the initial application policy form. Problems while travelling can lead to a lot of discomfort which ultimately ruin the entire experience of travelling.

Therefore, while choosing a travel insurance policy, one needs to take care of several pointers. Some of them are:

  1. Read your policy thoroughly – It may seem like something that is obvious, but a lot of people often end up losing their chances of getting covered because they didn’t go through their policy in detail.  One must realize that the travel heath coverage isn’t a full medical plan. It is in fact an emergency plan. So, people must review their policy’s guidelines and eligibility clauses. Also, check whether your insurance provider pays for upfront expenses, or will they be paid by the hospital and then reimbursed later.
  2. Be honest – A major reason for the denial of claims is inaccurately filled out medical questionnaire. People tend to become dishonest and refrain from disclosing their appropriate medical history. They must understand that dishonesty will lead them nowhere. Disclosing all the medical details will help you drastically when you need your cover the most. One also has to inform about his/her ‘stability period,’ which means that should inform the insurer about a change in your health or coverage problems could arise.
  3. Medical travel expenses While most emergency medical services are covered under insurance policies across Canada, some expenses are not. These expenses mainly include travel charges. While a ground ambulance may only charge a few hundred dollars, air-ambulance with a medical team on the other hand, from Vancouver to Toronto for instance, could sum up to $30,000 bill.
  4. Coverage for U.S. trips – Stepping into the U.S., even for a single day can turn out to be costly in case a medical emergency arises. Most people, however, may not consider this while getting their coverage for a quick trip to the ‘States.’ There have been various circumstances where people went on a day’s shopping trip to the U.S., encountered a serious medical event and then ended up being hospitalized. Apart from the human tragedy, the financial implications of such a situation are horrendous.
  5. Adventurous travellers don’t get covered – Various policies have this clause that states the insurance firm will not be responsible for providing medical cover if the mishap has been caused by a ‘high-risk activity.’ This includes accidents that are caused by consumption of alcohol, or those that occur in certain sports like parasailing or scuba diving. Standard policies do not provide such a kind of cover, however, one can always upgrade his/her coverage to cover adventure travels with some added premium.

Travel insurance is a must while going for a vacation. One must take care of the above mentioned points to reap the maximum amount of benefit from his/her policy.

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