A to Z of Super Visa Insurance Canada for Parents and Grandparents

There are numerous stages that a person need to pass for qualifying for super visa insurance Canada. As per the recent changes, the applicants need to show private medical insurance to meet the qualifying criteria of Canadian Super Visa. The super visa health insurance must be:

  • Issued by Canadian insurance company
  • Valid for one year
  • Inclusion of all the necessary health care, hospitalization and repatriation
  • Minimum coverage of $100,000 or more

Super visa insurance provides great opportunity to those wishing to reunite with their grandparents and parents. Purchasing health insurance from a reliable Canadian insurance company is mandatory before you proceed.

Tips for Buying Super Visa Insurance

  • Submit the medical insurance as a proof before submitting the super visa application.
  • Medical insurance must provide minimum coverage of $100,000.
  • The policy must be valid for one year. However, the applicants are provided the chance to change the policy date. The day your parents or grandparents enter Canada, that day is considered to be the first day of the start of insurance protection policy.
  • There are a few reasons that can reimburse the policy money such as unable to get visa for entry to Canada or the application for the super visa turned down. The applicant will get 100% refund of the premium paid under such circumstances. In case your parents or grandparents leave Canada before the stipulated period, you can be paid the unused balance.
  • There are some plans that can cover pre-existing conditions including diabetes, blood pressure and heart related issues. These plans can be availed only if your health conditions are static. Static means there is no change in medication and the information acquired from the doctor.
  • If you plan to stay for one more year, make sure to purchase a new policy before the existing one expires.

Mistakes People Attempt While Purchasing the Policy

  • Mostly people assume that their health insurance will also cover the pre-existing conditions. If you too think so, you are highly mistaken. It will only cover the stable medical conditions. Stable medical conditions mean no hospitalization, no critical illness and no medication changes.
  • Check out if you own a reimbursement plan or up-front payment plan. Ask your financial advisor about the plan you hold. Reimbursement plan entitles you to pay the entire expenses from your pocket first and then submit the claim to the company. So don’t completely rely on the insurance company but rather get details of the plans.
  • Do not ever rely on your credit cards for travel health insurance. Credit card companies confuse people by their different products. Sometimes you end up with a product that could not meet all your requirements.
  • Disclose all the facts and figures related to your health. This will help your financial advisor to assist you better.

Visa Insurance Canada renders tailor-made super visa insurance plans meeting all your financial needs. Feel free to contact us and get reasonable super visa insurance plans.