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About Visa Insurance Canada

Visa Insurance Canada is your one-stop solution for the best super visa and travel insurance products. We offer the premium combination of:

  • Affordable premiums of insurance policies
  • Widest coverage across all provinces
  • Quality care from certified physicians and surgeons
  • Custom made plans providing comprehensive medical assistance
  • Easier claims process

Industry experts came together to found visa insurance Canada. Whether you are travelling to Canada on a trip to visit friends or you are visiting your grandchildren, we offer the best insurance solutions you can have in the land of maple leaf.

Let Experts Guide you Right on Insurance Success

There’s so much more to a successful visa application. The experts always get it right with the right blend of eligibility conditions and successful pointers. These professionals have provided success to thousands of super visa and travel insurance applicants across the globe. When you work with the leaders, you are sure to achieve success.

We have reunited families across borders with the latest super visa. We understand what restrictions suit what class of individuals. Contact us for more info on the eligibility conditions, regulations and application form requirements for super visa and visitor visa.

Super Visa Insurance or Travel Insurance – We have You Covered

We understand the diverse requirements of the Canadian insurance hunters. And that’s what lifts us up in the industry. In the trip insurance alone, we provide the annual or trip insurance plans, making us the only player providing exclusive insurance policies for different individuals. No one knows the provincial health insurance plans like we do. Our huge network of insurance agents and certified physicians and doctors helps us reach the far corners of Canadian landscape. Whether you are in Canada or outside, we have a solution squarely aimed at providing you the most comprehensive health coverage.

Serving Canadian Families since Years

We have the highest success rate in the Canadian insurance industry when it comes to super visa insurance products. All our products provide the best coverage to the Canadians seeking ultimate resources in the insurance industry. There are certain advantages exclusive to our services:

  • Trip cancellation Advantage
  • Trip interruption coverage benefits

Considering the huge rush for applications of visa seekers, we aim to differentiate based on the quality. Our products are aimed at providing highest quality in terms of eligibility. With these products, we focus on providing an insurance that completely satisfies the immigration officer.

Let Us Help you Choose

The safety and security of your family members is the prime concern of our experts. The availability of medical help in every corner of Canada is what makes us the leader. We cover the illnesses and pre-existing health conditions that some providers shy away from. Whatever be your health insurance requirement, we know the perfect product that will suit you.

Take advantage of the several unique advantages offered by our super visa insurance and travel insurance plans. Quality is what differentiates us from our competitors.

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