Difference Between Visitor’s Visa and Super Visa Insurance

For people who want to visit Canada, the Canadian government has now opened another route i.e. The Super Visa. If you are looking forward to spend time with your parents or grandparents, then it would be better for you if you weigh the pros and cons for the insurance plans of both kinds of visa. By doing this you will no longer stay confused as to which path you should tread, making your overall trip as smooth as possible!

The Visitor Insurance

Anybody who is labelled as a visitor is allowed by the Canadian government to visit the country for at most 6 months. In case anybody plans to stay longer, then he/she has to apply for an extension and pay a new fee for every six months that they stay. The ‘Visitor’s Insurance’ covers any health or medical emergency that may occur to the insured for a period of 6 months during the visit. If they want to extend the cover, then they need to pay up for extending the plan.

Some highlights of the Visitor’s Insurance Plan are:

  • Family rate applies for at most three applicants that could be – parents or legal guardians and the children dependent on them under the age of 21. If the child is a full-time student or mentally/physically challenged then this age bar rises to 25 years.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions can also be covered within the insurance after completing a simple medical questionnaire.
  • New immigrants, students and foreign workers can use the ‘Visitors to Canada’ plan.

The Super Visa Insurance

Under this program, eligible family members need to pay less fees and can also have some assurance that they’ll be able to visit their near and dear ones in Canada for a much longer period i.e. up to 10 years. The government dispatches such class of visas usually within eight weeks of receiving the application. The Super Visa Insurance program covers the visitor during their entire visit. It covers any medical expenses that incur to the insured while they stay in Canada.

Some Pre-Requisites required while signing up for The Super Visa Insurance Plan are:

  • The person’s relation with his/her home country,
  • The visit’s purpose,
  • The financial situation of insured person’s family,
  • The overall political and economic stability of the insured’s home country,
  • A written commitment stating financial support from their children or grandchildren in Canada,
  • Proof of buying a Canadian medical insurance that covers for at least one year,
  • The period of their stay in Canada,
  • Complete Immigration Medical Examination (IME).

While both the insurance plans are good individually, the need of the hour is that you must carefully analyze both your requirements and which plan suits you best.

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