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We offer expert solutions to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about Super visa Insurance and Travel insurance. No matter what the issues, discuss with the leaders of Canadian insurance realm. From visitor insurance to custom-made super visa insurance plans, we can make it happen. To get professional results, work with the professionals.

Q. Why do Canadians travelling out of Canada require travel insurance? Also, if I get sick outside Canada, won’t my local health insurance pay for such medical expenses?

Ans. All Canadian government can say is “BON VOYAGE”. Here is something published by the ‘Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’: “Do not rely on your provincial or territorial health plan to cover costs if you get sick or are injured while abroad. Out-of-country health care can be costly, and your health plan may not cover any medical expenses abroad. It is your responsibility to seek information from your provincial or territorial health authority and to obtain supplementary travel insurance and understand the terms of your policy.” This says everything about the question above. It is mandatory to have travel insurance if you are travelling into or outside Canada.

Q. When leaving for outside Canada but there is a stopover at another province before actually flying out of Canada? When will Single Trip coverage start counting trip days?

Ans. The coverage can be opted for entire time period you have left your province. When you leave residence, you can choose to be covered by the insurance. In other words, the date on which you leave for the trip can be either the first day of your international trip or the last day of your residing in your province. Insurance plans provided by government health plans can change as per provinces. Most such plans provide no emergency return home benefits. It is ideal that you consider the full length of your trip to be covered under coverage.

Q. Do I need coverage when travelling inside Canada as well?

Ans. There are limitations to the Government health insurance plans when it comes to reimbursement of the emergency medical expenses incurred during travelling to another province.

Q. Can travel insurance coverage be extended during the trip?

Ans. Yes. The trip may warrant you to increase your coverage while on the trip. We can help you achieve full coverage for an extended period by simply extending your current coverage. Call our Assistance Centre to increase coverage right on the go. However, if there is an occurrence that causes the claims to kick-in, then the coverage cannot be extended. Also, there should be no variation in the health status. Additionally, the health coverage must be extended before the expiry. Simply extend by paying the required premium.

In case you have a Multi-Trip Plan, the coverage must be topped-up well before the trip’s start. You can also purchase a Top-Up plan for the number of days that you plan to spend beyond the earlier duration. This is available for a maximum of 183 days in total. For residents of Ontario and Newfoundland, this limit is 212 days.

Q. Does your policy cover a grandchild while travelling?

Ans. Yes, all our policies cover grandchildren who fall under the insurance industry definition of a ‘child’. However, it is important to name the dependent grandchild as dependent on the confirmation form. It is important to pay the premium for the family coverage. Family policy coverage under 55 years of age must be covered y the policy premium.

Q. What are the deductibles under these travel insurance plans?

Ans. There is a zero deductible for all plans and their published rates. The savings and deductible options available for the Multi-Trip and Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan are:

Savings on Premium                            Deductible Amount ($US)

15%                                          $500

20%                                          $1,000

35%                                          $5,000

50%                                          $10,000

Note:  These deductible amounts are only applicable to emergency medical coverage. These are not available on the Travel Canada Plans, Single-Trip All-Inclusive plans, or the Multi-Trip All-Inclusive plans.

Q. Medical expenses and Hospital bills outside of Canada are very expensive? Are they to be paid up front in case of an accident while travelling?

Ans. As mentioned in the insurance policies, it is important that you get in touch with our Assistance Centre before receiving medical treatment. We have relationships with medical providers in many countries and areas that ensure you get all the benefits and medical help you need at the moment. We make sure you get help as smoothly as possible. Our Assistance Centre will get in touch with the country’s medical provider and instantly arrange direct billing. We will also coordinate the payment of the required emergency service to be received.

Q: Is it mandatory to purchase insurance from a Canadian Insurance company? Can’t I buy from a local company in the host country?

Ans: Almost all the Canadian medical providers prefer to work with only the local Canadian insurance companies. All the dentists, hospitals and medical clinics work with major Canadian insurance companies. These companies have a direct billing with the medical services providers. To file a claim, the local companies have more efficient claim procedure. The medical expenses of these providers are verified more clearly.

Canadian insurance companies come under the regulations of the Canadian regulators. These are some of the best insurance standards around the world. Canadians are covered by Assures – a Canadian federal government agency providing up to $60,000 of medical expenses coverage in case a Canadian insurance company becomes insolvent. At the time of immigration/entry, the proof of insurance is best shown in French or English.

Q: Who is eligible for the Canadian Parent and Grandparent super visa?

Ans: Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents considered to the rightly admissible into to Canada. In addition, there are some other conditions required for eligibility for the Super Visa as mentioned by the Canadian Government. These several factors decide if the person is eligible for admissible. These are:

  • the individuals must have strong bonds with his/her home country
  • the purpose of their visit to Canada
  • the individual’s financial state and family life
  • invitation from hosts in Canada

Q. What are the required documents an applicant requires to file a case?

Ans. Detailed information about super visa document requirements are available on You can also consult an immigration expert. Here are some important documents required for super visa:

  • Financial support written consent from their grandchild or child in Canada.
  • child must meet a minimum income threshold as mentioned in CIC requirements.
  • Canadian medical insurance purchase proof for at least one year to provide coverage for the period of time that they will be staying in Canada.
  • Undertake an Immigration Medical Examination (IME).

Q: Can health insurance be purchased from the home country?

Ans: AS per the government’s website, immigration officials need proof of Canadian medical insurance. It is mandatory to purchase insurance from Canadian companies. These insurance providers are regulated by the government in Canada. The authorities feel safer that claims will be maintained by a local company they can easily regulate.

Q: What amount of Visitors travel medical insurance should be purchased for parents?

Ans. The normal costs of hospitalization for visitors to Canada can be around $3,000/day. Also, air ambulance charges can easily go up in the tens of thousands of dollars. So, we recommend that you buy at least $100,000 of medical insurance coverage. Such an amount would reduce the financial burden posed by any unforeseen charges and provides you enough peace of mind.

Q: Can a Canadian purchase a policy on behalf of family members planning to come for a visit?

Ans. Yes, any Canadian can buy a visitors insurance policy for someone planning to visit Canada.

Q: What are the conditions for a pre-existing condition and coverage for visitors insurance?

Ans. There are many pre-existing conditions that affect the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy. Many insurance providers cover pre-existing conditions if they are stable for a specified time (3 to 6 months) prior to departure from your home country. Also, there are many pre-conditions that are not covered under insurance policy plans.

Some pre-existing medical conditions covered normally include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. Many insurance providers undertake strict questioning to screen out applicants.

Q. Is there a medical test to be undertaken before I buy Visitors to Canada insurance?

Ans. No. You do not require to undertake a medical exam before purchasing medical visitors insurance. A form has to be filled which poses general medical questions. This is a mandatory form and not filling it may void your coverage. During a claim, the company determines your pre-existing conditions from this questionnaire.

Visitors to Canada or Super visa applicants can greatly benefit from the affordable travel and super visa plans offered by us. We at, Visa Insurance Canada, aims to provide the maximum insurance coverage at lowest possible rates. Contact us for more on travel insurance quote, super visa insurance policy comparison and purchase policies online.

Q. Does insurance policy premium come under tax ambit?

Ans. We provide a confirmation upon receiving of premium payment. This can be provided to the Canadian revenue agency.

Q. Is Family Coverage Available?

Ans. Yes, our plans for the entire family coverage are available at affordable rates. This covers emergency medical, travel accident plans and trip interruption. Under these plans, the entire family is covered including dependent children, spouse and self. All the members of the family must be under the age of 60.

Q. How Insurance Refunds are accessed?

Ans. The refunds on the insurance policies can be accessed after the return. If the policy has not been claimed or any other insurance policy related services are not accessed, the policy refunds can be accessed as soon as you reach back home. Refunds for the unused trip days are available.

Q. What is Trip Break Benefit?

Ans. If the policyholder returns home and stays for some time, the policy will stay on hold but not be terminated. Coverage will not be provided for the break period in the trip. The policy will come into action again once the policy holder continues the trip. The injuries that occur while at home are not covered under this trip break benefits.

Q. Who can fill the form if the applicant is not in Canada?

Ans. Coverage can be applied by anyone on behalf of the applicant. Super visa insurance and travel insurance policy Canada can be purchased by anyone residing in Canada on behalf of the proposed visitors. The person, however, must be fully aware of the medical conditions of the applicant to provide honest information about the applicant. Any incorrect statement made on the insurance policy form can lead to the policy becoming null and void.

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