The Various Types of Medical Insurance Plans For Visitors in Canada

Canada’s strong economy, rich culture, thrilling natural beauty and prosperous future make it a popular destination for the foreign visitors. Being the strongest economy in the G8, Canada has become a hot spot for foreign workers, business travelers, new immigrants, and even international students. However, Canada’s aging population makes its health care system overburdened and one of the most expensive in the world. Medical expenses in Canada can be financially crippling and thus to ensure personal safety, a medical Insurance for all foreign visitors is highly recommended.

Here in Canada, insurance companies have plans for all kinds of visitors. Following are some of the types:

Business Travelers/Tourists

Whether you are in Canada for business or for a vacation with your family, medical insurance is a must here in order to cover the extremely high costs of medical care. Visitor to Canada Emergency Medical is one such kind of insurance which is available to pay the sudden medical expenses incurred by any unexpected medical condition. This coverage lasts for people up to 89 years of age. Usually, no medical questions are asked however the pre-existing medical conditions are excluded from this coverage. In case you are suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, then carefully go through the medical policy to stay away from any harsh surprises.

This insurance can be purchased for the coverage of amounts at levels of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $150,000. It is available for individuals, couples, or families with plans ranging from a time period of per trip or per annum.

New Immigrants to Canada

In Canada, new immigrants are not entitled for national health insurance until they stay for a specific period of time. Thus it is best to contact private insurance companies as soon as you touch Canadian soil for a medical insurance. If you don’t have any kind of insurance then covering up the medical costs in Canada can leave you distraught.

Foreign workers in Canada

The Canadian industry provides ample opportunities for foreign workers to get work visa in Canada. These work visas are issued for 6 months minus one day. To be eligible for Provincial health insurance, foreign workers at least need to stay for 6 months; however, this can’t happen therefore private health insurance needs to be purchased.

International Students in Canada

Canada’s world class education standards attract many students from international soil. However, every student is not eligible for the health insurance that is sponsored by the government. Even those who are eligible have to wait for at least three months to make the coverage effective. To help ineligible students, or even the eligible ones, during their 3 month probation period, private medical insurance is the best bet.

We, at Visa Insurance Canada, provide the most effective and easy medical insurance plans for our non-Canadian friends. Health costs in Canada can be really depressing if you are not associated with any kind of insurance plan. Sign up for any suitable medical plan with our firm and feel a little better when the time get tough.