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Privacy Policy

We value our customers above everything else. We know how much privacy means to Canadians. As such, we inform our privacy policies for collecting, using, securing, and sharing our customer information.

Our Privacy Principles:

  • We do not sell customer information.
  • We do not allow those who are doing business on our behalf to use our customer information for their own marketing purposes.
  • We contractually require any person or organization providing products or services on our behalf to protect Visa Insurance Canada customer information.
  • We do not share customer medical information with anyone within the Visa Insurance Canada family of companies, unless you expressly authorize it, or unless it is permitted or required by law, or unless your insurance policy contract with us permits us to do so.
  • We afford our prospective and former customers the same protections as existing customers with respect to the use of personal information.

Information We Collect

We collect, use, and share information we need to conduct our business, to advise you of our products and services, and to provide you with customer service. We may collect and maintain several types of customer information needed for these purposes, such as those below:

We Collect Information

  • From you, on applications for our insurance, lending and investment products, or on other forms, through telephone or in-person interviews, your Visa Insurance Canada agent, and our Customer Response Center, such as your address and telephone number.
  • From your transactions with us, such as your payment history, underwriting, and claim records.
  • From non-Visa Insurance Canada companies, organizations, or consumer reporting agencies, such as your driving record, claim history or credit history.

Information for Internet, Mobile, Social Media Users

We want to make you aware of how we use internet “cookies” and analytical tools to enhance your experience when visiting Visa Insurance Canada or using our mobile and social media applications. “Cookies” are files we place in your computer’s browser to store your Visa Insurance Canada online preferences. Web analytics provide non-personally identifiable statistical information about how visitors interact with our website and applications. Our mobile and social media applications may also collect non-personally identifiable demographic information (such as age, sex, and city/province location) about the users of each application. Prior to installation of any application, you will see a statement describing what information is collected from your use of that particular application.

We use cookies, analytics, and other technologies to help us track visits to our website and record downloads and uses of our applications. This information may be used to manage and customize our content, layout, applications, and services in order to improve our site, enhance your overall customer experience, and provide tailored messages to you.

By themselves, cookies and web analytics do not tell us your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information. They do not identify you by name or address unless you have provided us with such information (over the internet or in some other communication). Cookies and analytics do help us to:

  • Analyze how customers use our website and applications.
  • Develop new services to improve our online content.
  • Analyze our marketing campaigns.
  • Know how many visitors have seen or clicked on our ads.

If you disable cookies by changing the setting on your browser, the site will not recall your preferences and you will not be able to access a customized default home page view of our website. In addition, rejecting cookies may prevent you from using certain functions and you may have to repeatedly enter information to take advantage of services or promotions.

Aside from providing you with customized online content, using cookies allows Visa Insurance Canada to manage our online advertising. We use online advertising companies to provide ads on third party websites. Some of these sites may use cookies and other technologies when you click or move your cursor over our ads. This technology will transmit non-personally identifiable information about you to us or our service providers. We use the information to analyze our marketing efforts, track browser visits to our website, and measure and manage our advertising at other sites.

You may retain cookies in your browser for a customized online experience. However, if you do not want to allow websites to install cookies in your browser, you should adjust your browser settings to block cookies.

Each of the sites we use to advertise and from which we collect data should post a privacy statement that fully describes the advertising and data collection activities of that site. However, we cannot be assured that all sites provide such guidance. We recommend that you check the privacy policy of any website before you provide any personally identifiable information.

How we use Information About You

We use customer information to underwrite your policies, process your claims, ensure proper billing, service your accounts and offer you other insurance or financial services products that may suit your needs. These services may be performed by Visa Insurance Canada or its service providers.

Information Disclosure

We share information about our transactions (such as payment of premium) and experiences (such as an auto accident) with you within our Visa Insurance Canada family of companies and with Visa Insurance Canada agents to better serve you and to help meet your current product and service needs. We may share information about you with persons or organizations inside or outside our family of companies as permitted or required by law, including sharing with companies that perform marketing or other services for us or with whom we have joint marketing agreements. These agreements allow us to provide a broader selection of insurance and financial products to you.

We may also share customer information with consumer reporting agencies and with other entities as needed to handle your claim and to protect against fraud and unauthorized transactions. For example, we might share name, address, and coverage information with an auto body shop to speed up repairs on auto damage claims.

We also share customer information with our operations based in the Canada and with those performing services on our behalf located in the Canada or in other countries. In the event that customer information is stored or processed in the Canada, Canada regulatory agencies, courts or law enforcement authorities may be able to obtain customer information based on the laws or regulations in the Canada.

If you would like to receive written information about our policies and practices with respect to service providers outside of Canada or if you have any questions about the collection, use, disclosure or storage of customer information by our foreign services providers, please call or write to:

Visa Insurance Canada Insurance Companies Attention
Chief Privacy Officer
Toronto Area: 905-451-2555

Your Awareness and Permission

By purchasing insurance or financial services from Visa Insurance Canada , you provide Visa Insurance Canada with your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of certain personal information, including that previously collected, for the purposes of communicating with you, your mortgage company, or your lien holder; assessing your application for insurance and financial services products, and underwriting these policies and products; evaluating claims; detecting and preventing fraud; analyzing business results; and acting as required by law.

We may also use personal information in order to tell you about other insurance or financial services products that may suit your needs.

If you would rather not receive such additional marketing information, please contact your Visa Insurance Canada agent.

Visa Insurance Canada Protects Customer Information

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect customer information. We continually review our policies and practices, monitor our computer networks and test the strength of our security in order to help us ensure the safety of customer information.

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