Refunds for Super Visa Insurance

Super visa has turned out to be a great success story for the Canadian immigration authorities. Every month, thousands of super visas are stamped allowing elderly to join with their grand children and children. And super visa insurance is the vital part of this visa. There are certain factors that need to be considered before purchasing a super visa insurance and refund is perhaps the most vital among these. Here are some important pointers from Visa Insurance Canada experts.

Super Visa

Refund is Similar to Any Other Insurance Product

Insurance policy holders may seek refund due to many circumstances. So, partial or full refund facility is offered by most insurance providers. The premium paid on the insurance determines the amount of refund. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully read the refund policy statement of every company dealing in super visa insurance.

If an applicant is not sure regarding his/her acceptance rate, they must seriously consider refund policies well in advance. Those who may not qualify for their travel or super visa should look at low cost options when it comes to insurance.

Super Visa Rejections

It is suggested that visitors buy the travel or super visa insurance only after they have received their visa. However, regulations state that the applications must come with a proof that the applicant has purchased an insurance policy from a Canadian company. As a result, people should seek a refund as soon as they face rejection from immigration officials.

Fortunately, most of the insurance companies offer full refunds to those denied visa into Canada. Insurance providers ask for a copy of the visa rejection letter issued by the ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)’. So, ensure that you have this letter and submit it to appropriate authority.

There is an exception to the refund in some cases. Many applicants choose their insurance to come into effect during their visa filing process. The insurance is on even when the visa approval process is still pending. Most providers can still offer a partial or full refund. In many such cases, the companies only provide partial refund. It is therefore advised to carefully select the starting date for the coverage. The effective date should be further

Change in Travel Plans

Sometimes the approval process for super visa can take months. During the waiting process, the travel plans can change. Some people even desert the idea of visiting Canada altogether. For such cases, the companies provide a complete refund. Several insurance firms charge a nominal policy cancellation charges ranging from $100 to $200. You may also incur charges for extending the duration of your insurance policy. It is best to consult an insurance expert for complete information on policy changes.

Partial Refunds on Policy

It is essential that applicants purchase an insurance policy for one year even if the visiting period is shorter. So, once the visit is over, many visa holders apply for refund. Some policies clearly mention their non-refundable status or state the charges applicable for partial refunds.

It is important to note that refunds are not available under many circumstances. So, consult an insurance agent. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in various insurance terms. They provide the best solutions to super visa and travel visa insurance.