Safe Traveling Tips For The Elderly

If your Mom & Dad are planning to visit you in Canada, it is natural for you to have their health and safety considerations. We, as a super visa insurance company, come across many Canadian citizens who are extremely worried about their parents or grandparents traveling with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. Luckily, there are many things – other than a super visa insurance – elderly can do to ensure a healthy, safe and less stressful flight.

Be Practical When Packing

Pack as light as possible. Focus on packing necessary things you may require at the airport or during flying. Do not forget to keep prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in a zip-lock freezer bag, and place them in your handbag or somewhere they can be easily accessible. Keep extra medications, in case of an emergency or prolonged stay. Carry a prescription letter from your doctor to help you easily pass through the security checkpoints at the airport. It is not wise to think that you can go without medicines for a single day.

Super Visa Insurance plus other Documentation

Make at least three photocopy sets of your passport, driver’s license, travel tickets, physician prescriptions and super visa insurance. Keep one set in your handbag, another in your luggage, and the last one at home. Make sure you check the super visa insurance quotes before buying policy.

Think Safety and Comfort

Wear easy clothing and comfortable shoes to ensure maximum protection. Shoes that are too tight can cause your feet to swell. For additional comfort, consider purchasing a travel pillow or c-shaped balloon to support the neck and shoulder area. When in high-traffic travel centers, keep your money in your wallet that is hidden under your coat or tucked into your pants.

Request Special Services

Do not hesitate to request for a cost-free wheelchair service at the airport. If you are traveling alone, ask for a human assistance from the counter to help you through security and in boarding the aircraft. If possible, carry some healthy food along, such as a sandwich. But if there is a meal service on-board, do inform the reservation system 24 hours in advance for a special meal low in fat, sugar and salt. Ask for a list of ingredients for foods you are unfamiliar with.

With proper planning and preparation there is no reason why the elderly cannot make their trip pleasurable and rewarding. Thankfully, Visa Insurance Canada offers a convenient, flexible and affordable way to safeguard the elderly against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies. A Super Visa Insurance will cover health care and hospitalization with a higher minimum coverage amount.

Feel free to contact us on 1-855-751-2555 for free Super Visa Insurance quotes and we will assist you in finding a suitable option for your parents or grandparents.