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Super Visa Insurance

Applicant’s Guide to Canadian Super Visa Insurance Plans

Millions of Applicants – One Ultimate Source for Super Visa Insurance

When you are planning to apply for super visa insurance coverage, you need to know the complete details pertaining to the different plans under this category. Visa Insurance Canada is offering a wide range of super visa insurance products that can effectively meet the diverse needs of different categories of customers.

Visa Insurance Canada’s super visa insurance plans have made it easier for parents and grandparents to visit their family members in Canada. Super visa insurance Canada plans enable them remain in the country for up to two years during a given visit. During this period, they need not renew their status. The visa that is valid for 10 years can permit either single or multiple visits to Canada.

Requirements of Super Visa Insurance

Buying a super visa insurance plan is one of the basic requirements to qualify for Super Visa for Canada. Applicants to Super Visa need to submit a certified proof towards this end. The plans they purchase must be valid for not less than one year. It is mandatory that this plan covers for not less than $100,000 towards health care, hospitalisation and repatriation. There are a number of companies marketing their super visa insurance Canada products. Some of the unique advantages of our super visa insurance plans help distinguish ‘Visa Insurance Canada’ from its competitors.

How to Approach Insurance Purchase for Super Visa Canada

While exploring the different super visa insurance plans, you may consider one among the several plans that will suit your situation and needs the best.

  • Single-Trip travel super visa insurance Canada plans are highly affordable and they protect against the costs of unforeseen medical emergencies during the applicant’s stay at Canada. This plan is great choice for those in Canada on a work visa and those Canadians who are not eligible for the benefits given by the government sponsored health insurance plans. Even those who are waiting to be covered by governmental insurance plans can make use of these plans.
  • Subscribers get the benefit of deductible savings under most kinds of super visa insurance plans.
  • Some of the inherent benefits of most of our super visa insurance Canada plans include emergency medical coverage of up to $150,000 during medical emergency conditions. The coverage pays:
    • Emergency medical care both inside and outside the hospital
    • Paramedical services
    • Transportation to the hospital by ambulance
    • Emergency dental procedures
    • Expenses incurred due to death
    • Repatriation on account of medical emergency
    • Additional expenses in terms of meals and hotels
    • Visit to bed side while travelling alone
    • Childcare costs
    • Return trip home of children and expenses due to trip breaks

Every plan must be examined with due consideration to the age of the applicants since there are different plans for different age groups. Some of the optional add-ons that you might think of include trip interruption coverage and travel accident coverage. The former is meant to safeguard a visitor’s investment on travel if the travel has to be interrupted on account of unforeseen causes.

Travel Accident cover comes to rescue during accidental bodily injury or death. Therefore, subscribers can customise their super visa insurance Canada plans depending on their needs. Flexibility, affordability and reliability of our portfolio of insurance plans make ‘Visa Insurance Canada’ the most potent resource for super visa insurance requirements.

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