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Conditions for Super Visa

Immigrants into Canada are increasing rapidly. Immigration reforms and sustained efforts for globalization mean that this number is going to escalate further.  With more and more immigrant Canadians working in Canada, it is no surprise that family member migration will also rise. Most immigrants are willing to find new ways to sponsor their families back home, especially parents. To help them be with their loved ones, Canadian government has launched Super Visa program.

Conditions for Super Visa Eligibility

There are certain conditions that must be fulfilled before the applicant can apply for a super visa. These are mandatory guidelines to be followed by every applicant. These are the following eligibility conditions for Super visa for Parent and Grandparent visa insurance:

  • A proof that applicant has purchased a medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance provider. This is known as super Visa Health Insurance, or super visa medical insurance.
  • The coverage in the super visa must be valid for a period of 1 year (minimum) from the entry date into Canada.
  • Coverage should be minimum $100,000.
  • The insurance must provide cover for hospitalization, health care, genera illness and repatriation costs.
  • The policy must be available for review by the immigration officers.

Other eligibility Conditions

To be eligible for super visa, the applicant must:

  • Be a grandparent or parent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen
  • Possess a written commitment their grandchild or child about their complete financial support in Canada.
  • Attach proof of minimum necessary income cut-off of the child/grandchild supporting the parent/grandparent.
  • Undertake complete immigration medical examination.
  • Proof of a comprehensive medical insurance from Canadian insurance provider with a validity of one year.
  • Complete the super visa application form IMM 5257 for ‘Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada’.
  • Satisfy the visa officer about meeting all other standard admissibility conditions.

Super visa processing time has been reduced dramatically after the implementation of the new standards. From previous 4-5 years, the super visa applicant can now expect admissibility well within 8-12 weeks of application filing. The rate of acceptance under this program is very high since the transparency has increased manifold.

Super visa insurance has made it possible for the Canadians to look forward to a life with their parents and grandparents. Super visa provides the golden opportunity Canadian immigrants were looking for since decades. Visit our super visa insurance plans section to know about the costs, forms and application filing process required to successfully secure a super visa.

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