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Income Pre-Requisites for Super Visa

Parent Super Visa Requirements in Canada

Super Visa Canada is a highly popular scheme launched by the Canadian Government to enable parents and grandparents visit their children and grandchildren residing in Canada. This plan rules out the necessity to wait for longer times to get a visa. Having obtained this visa, visitors to Canada can stay in the country for up to two years at a time without any need to renew their status. Super visa is granted for a total period of ten years. Applicants to super visa need to submit a few documents and satisfy a handful of eligibility conditions in order to get the same.

General Requirements of Super Visa

Principal requirements for the grant of super visa are:

  • Applicants must have purchased an emergency medical insurance plan from a private insurer in Canada.
  • It must offer emergency medical cost coverage for a period not less than one year.
  • The coverage amount should be not less than $100,000. The policy should feature coverage for repatriation, emergency hospitalisation and medical care.

Visa Insurance Canada offers some incomparable super visa insurance plans offering comprehensive emergency medical insurance coverage. The plans can be tailor made to suit the varying requirements of different applicants.

More requirements to get super visa include the following:

  • The application form [IMM5257] must be filled outside of Canada and submitted requesting 10 years of super visa granting temporary resident status.
  • The purpose of visit should be clearly mentioned.
  • The financial status of the applicants and their hosts in Canada will be given a due consideration.
  • The overall political and economic stability of the home country where the applicant lives will be considered.
  • The applicants must submit an invitation letter from their children or grandchildren residing in Canada.
  • They must also submit a letter of undertaking from their hosts to the end that they will be financially supported by the hosts during their stay at Canada.

There is a minimum income requirement forming part of eligibility conditions.

Host family size Minimum income requirement
The sponsor alone $22,229
Two people $27,674
Three people $34,022
Four people $41,307
Five people $46,850
Six people $52,838
Seven people $58,827

Add $5,989 for every one extra person in case the family has more than 7 people.

Let Our Experts guide you on Super Visa Requirements

The applicants must also satisfy the minimum medical examination requirements. The letter of invitation must mention the complete name and middle name of the parents. The other details to be mentioned include date of birth and country of birth, parent address and phone number, place where the host resides, the relationship between the applicant and the host, the purpose and duration of the trip, the dates of arrival and departure and the details of accommodation in Canada. The applicants must also meet all the standard admissibility criteria.

There are a number of reasons under which super visa will be denied. Pre-existing health conditions can be covered as long as the applicants are reported to be stable within the past 180 days from the date of departure. Stable condition means that there is no change in medication procedures, dosage, treatment and symptom. There should not have been any hospitalization or any medical examinations that were not completed.

Visa Insurance Canada offers invaluable assistance to the applicants to super visa during every step of the application process. Contact us to know more about the procedures.

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