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Super Visa Application

Understanding How to Apply For Super Visa Canada

What is Super Visa

Super visa Canada is a great initiative launched by the Canadian Government to enable the grandparents and parents of Canadian residents to visit Canada. This has become highly popular on account of the easy application process and the quick turnaround time. This page describes how to apply for super visa Canada. We aim to help you while you forward your super visa application.

Eligibility Conditions

The eligibility condition for this scheme is that the applicant should be either the parent or grandparent of the Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. In this application, dependents cannot be included. Only spouse or common law partner can make use of this scheme. In addition, the applicant must be allowed to enter Canada and also should be able to satisfy a certain set of other pre-conditions.

What he Officers Will Look Into

The visa officers ensure a number of aspects before they decide whether you are eligible for a super visa. You must be able to prove that you are a real visitor to the country who will automatically choose to leave at the end of the visit. The aspects that will be considered by the visa officer include:

  • Applicant’s ties to their home country
  • Purpose of visit
  • Details regarding their family and finances
  • Economic and political stability of the home country
  • An invitation from the host residing in Canada

Documents to Submit

Over and above, the applicants must prove that their child or grandchild satisfies the Canadian Government’s minimum income threshold. The child/grandchild who is prepared to invite the applicant must provide a written statement to the end that he or she will financially support the applicants during their stay at Canada. The applicants must also produce a proof of having purchased a visitor insurance plan from a Canadian private insurance firm that is valid for a period of not less than one year. The applicants also have to undergo an immigration exam.

The Super Visa Process

You must decide first whether you need a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa. It depends on the length of your visit and the frequency of your visit. Starting from September and December 2013, the applicants who are citizens of 29 specified countries and 1 territory will have to give biometrics including fingerprints and photograph when they apply for a visa. If you are applying on paper, you need to do this while visiting the office. If you are applying online, you can forward them along with your application.

If you submit the application in person at the nearest Visa Application Centre, the VAC staff will check the application and let you know whether you have rightly complied with the process. Depending on the visa office, the processing time can vary within a few weeks to more. If you need a visa, then you will also need a valid passport, titre de voyage or certificate of identity.

Visa Insurance Canada – Superior Help for Super Visa

If you are applying for a super visa, you can benefit greatly from the support services of Visa Insurance Canada. It will make the whole process simple and quick. With our proven expertise and experience in this arena, we can suggest you the right course of action and guide you through the entire visa process.

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