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Super Visa Insurance FAQ’s

Super Visa Health Insurance: FAQs
While seeking super visa insurance quotes, the customers may want to know a few things related to travel insurance quotes. Read this FAQ section to clarify a few issues before you apply for a super visa insurance plan.

Q: Will the insurance premium be refunded if my parents return home before one year?

A: This depends on several conditions. Purchasing a ‘visitors to Canada policy’ for one year is a prerequisite to qualify for super visa and must be paid in full during purchase. If the applicant is not issued a visa or if the applicants cancel their travel plan for some reason, they can cancel the policy and get a 100% refund.

The policy will not start until the departure date. When there is a change in the departure dates, the applicants can call the company and get it duly changed in the policy. Consider a 12 month policy will cost $2000. If the visitor chooses to return home after 6 months, then half of the amount paid can be refunded as long as there are no claims made.

Q: Can I purchase an insurance policy from an insurance company in my parent’s home country to qualify for super visa?

A: As per the Canadian Government mandates, the applicants must furnish the proof of a private Canadian health insurance. Therefore, using the insurance purchased in a different country not regulated by Canadian authorities cannot get the applicants qualify for super visa. Therefore, always it is advisable to obtain super visa insurance quotes from a Canadian travel insurance firm like Visa Insurance Canada. Over and above, medical service providers in Canada prefer to work with Canadian firms. While filing for claims after paying for expenses, the process can be faster with Canadian Insurance firms. Therefore, get travel insurance quotes from visa insurance Canada.

Q: Who can qualify for Canada’s super visa?

A: Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada who can meet the set of other conditions can qualify for the Super Visa. To assess the genuineness of the visitor, a number of aspects are considered including:

  • Applicant’s ties to the home country
  • Nature and purpose of visit
  • Applicant’s family and financial situation
  • Economic and political stability of the home country
  • Invitations from the hosts in Canada

The applicant must provide proof of financial support through a written commitment from their child or grandchild residing in Canada and meeting the minimum income threshold. They must submit the proof of purchasing a visa insurance Canada valid for a year covering the period of their stay in Canada. They must also take an Immigration Medical Examination (IME).

Q: Does a super visa insurance plan cover regular check-ups or only emergencies?

A: Visitors to Canada insurance covers only accidental injury and unforeseen illnesses. It does not cover the discretionary medical expenses of non-urgent nature including regular check-ups, vaccinations or medications of a therapist. Note these factors while seeking super visa insurance quotes.

Q: How much Visitors travel medical insurance cover should one purchase?

A: In an average, the hospital costs for visitors to Canada are more than $3,000 per day. Also, the cost of air ambulance charges to send them home can be very high. The mandated minimum value of coverage for a super visa insurance plan is $100,000. Therefore, it is advisable you go for the maximum coverage that is within your budget. Take this into account while asking for travel insurance quotes from visa insurance Canada.

Q: What about pre-existing conditions and medical tests to qualify for super visa insurance plan?

A: Most plans do not cover pre-existing health conditions. However, this differs between policies. You can get precise information on this while getting super visa insurance quotes. There are no medical tests required prior to purchasing a super visa health insurance plan. However, you must truthfully disclose all the information asked in the questionnaire. Note this fact while asking for travel insurance quotes.

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