Top 5 Questions That Must be Present in Every Travel Insurance Checklist

One needs to take into consideration various factors while planning a holiday trip. Travel insurance is holds a special place among these considerations. While you pay heed to other essentials like travelling and accommodation costs, something like a travel insurance gets ignored and then you end up signing for any ordinary insurance which is no good at all. Thus, before you make your travel insurance choice, it is best to carefully analyze all the points of travel insurance and make sure that you are entitled to them.

Undoubtedly, most of your questions are answered by the employees of the travel insurance company but there is a pretty high chance of you missing out on various of your queries. Therefore, following is a checklist to make sure that all your major queries related to a travel insurance are answered.

  1. What is covered in the plan?Ask your travel insurance agent about the plan and what it covers. Various plans differ according to the coverage that they provide. Some medical problems might be covered in a plan, while they might not be covered in another plan. Choose the insurance plan that suits your medical and health conditions. Often people don’t take it seriously and end up paying huge sum in foreign countries in case of a health catastrophe.
  2. Is there a deductible that must be paid for each claim?Try to ask your insurance agent if there exists any deductible amount that needs to be paid for every claim you make. Some insurance plans have this clause where the insured needs to pay a fraction of the total insurance amount in order to make a claim. The deductible amount may or may not depend on the type and amount of claim.
  3. Does the plan deny benefits for a pre-existing condition?Ask whether your plan denies insurance benefits for a pre-existing medical condition. If it does, then ask about the additional costs that need to be paid to cover your pre-existing condition. Medical complications because of pre-existing medical conditions like heart problems etc. can arise anywhere at any time. Thus, if you are suffer a serious medical health problem, it is best to pay some extra amount to cover it in your plan.
  4. Is every member of my family covered?Know as how many members of your family are covered in the plan that you are planning to sign up for. Usually, insurance plans range from individual policies to family policies with a limit on how many people will be covered in it. If your family includes your spouse, your children and your parents then you better go for a plan that covers them all and provides the desired benefits.
  5. What is the average time frame for a claim to be paid?Ask about the average time which the insurance company takes to pay the claim. A lot of people miss out on the benefits of their insurance plan only because the claim procedure takes long time to process. In such a situation, you will be required to pay the expenses from your own wallet. Go for an insurance firm that promises the least time to pay the claim.

While choosing your travel insurance, pay extra heed to the answers of the above mentioned questions. We, at Visa Insurance Canada, provide the best travel insurance plans along with visitor medical insurance Canada. Call us now to get a free quote on our various services.