Does Travel Insurance Cover Terror Attacks During the Trip

Politically motivated terrorist attacks immediately catch the attention of travellers, especially if the attack happens in a country which the traveller is planning to visit or has already visited. However, insurance companies nowadays provide travel insurance benefits to travellers where they are provided medical care along with evacuation coverage in the event of a terrorist attack. There exist two separate time periods during which an insurance plan will cover the insured traveller.

They are:

  1. Before you leave for the trip
  2. During the time of the trip

Insurance Against Attacks Before You Leave for the Trip

Such a travel insurance plan can protect you by:

  1. Allowing you to cancel your trip because of a terror strike within 30 days of departure in the city where you have pre-booked your travel schedule.
  2. Providing you a full refund of your entire prepaid trip cost. This helps you save an enormous sum of money which otherwise would have been wasted.

Insurance Against Attacks During Your Trip

This kind of travel insurance can protect you by:

  1. Reimbursing trip interruption expenses along with additional charges for transporting you back to home safe and sound.
  2. Covering the prepaid costs of your unused and non-refundable sea or land travel that wasn’t taken due to interruption in the trip.
  3. Promising you worldwide emergency travel assistance so as to get you to your home or to a safe place and then home as fast as possible.

Medical Coverage in Terrorism Insurance

Medical benefits of such an insurance plan are:

  1. Coverage of your emergency medical treatment and medical evacuation expenses.
  2. Provision of a medical consultant for arranging your medical treatment, transport.
  3. Payment for flying your dependent child, children or a supportive adult back home.
  4. Reimbursement of expenses used to get back home exclusive of prepaid trip’s cost.
  5. Availability of worldwide emergency travel assistance to help get you back home.

Terrorism attacks can happen anytime. These attacks often cause a great amount of havoc. The best action we can take against them however, is to be prepared. Travel insurance plans that provide cover for terrorism is one such method with which you can guard yourself and your family while you are on a trip in a sensitive region. Try to explore more options as how travel insurance can protect you amidst an attack. Weigh the advantages of various such schemes so as to choose the one that suits you best.

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