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Travel Insurance

Affordable Travel Insurance Plans – More Coverage per Dollar
Travel insurance is a crucial necessity for travellers these days. No one wants to face unexpected emergencies in a distant place. However, life is unpredictable and you should not hesitate to purchase an adequate travel insurance coverage by spending some money. A suitable travel insurance plan will help you cover:

  • Emergency medical procedures
  • Trip interruption
  • Delays and trip cancellation

Therefore, travel insurance policy is an invaluable way to secure peace-of-mind when you are on a trip. Visa Insurance Canada offers some unmatched travel insurance plans and travel insurance for seniors. There are a number of reasons why you should choose us for buying your travel insurance plan.

One Stop Solution for All Travel Insurance Canada Plans

All our travel insurance plans are designed with our customers in mind. Visa Insurance Canada is always committed to giving its customers comprehensive coverage on their travel insurance products that deliver exceptional value-for-money and widest coverage possible. Visa Insurance Canada offers a wide range of travel insurance plans to suit your needs and budget. You will get highly flexible coverage options that will best suit your typical needs and unique travel plans.

Flexible Travel Insurance Plans

All our travel insurance Canada plans offer the widest coverage in the industry. The quality of our customer service is unparalleled! We have a sound customer support system to assist you the way you would like us to. Our team of experts can listen to your travel plans and suggest you the plans that will suit you the best besides meeting your budget. No two trips can be the same. We can customize our travel insurance plans as you need. You may either choose a single aspect to cover some emergency medical or go for a comprehensive plan. With each type of cover, you can go for a per-trip or a multi-trip annual plan.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan

If you are a frequent traveller going on multiple trips in a typical year, then multi-trip annual plans are the best choice. Choose a multi-trip annual plan if you plan to travel more than once in a 365 days period. Also, choose it if you go for cross-border shopping trip in the US or for both business as well as personal trips within one year. These plans will enable you get travel insurance cover all year long during your trip.

Visa Insurance Canada’s Premium Single Trip insurance Plans

Single trip plans are flexible since they can be modified every time you travel. These kinds of travel insurance plans are ideal if you plan for longer trips, with each trip stretching over several months at a time. If you travel only once in a typical year, then single trip travel insurance cover is the one good choice for you. We have travel insurance for seniors designed to meet their typical requirements.

Call us today and know your travel plans. We can suggest you the right option that will give you maximum travel insurance benefit for the lowest rates.

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