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Insurance for Canadians

Affordable Student Insurance Plans

Visa Insurance Canada has a wide assortment of innovative and highly beneficial insurance policies for Canadian students. The objective of these products is to provide highly affordable and a comprehensive medical insurance coverage to both international students in Canada as well as Canadian students studying abroad. The common underlying feature of all our student insurance plans is that they are designed in such a way so as to effectively meet all the school and governmental requirements. Students on J1 and F1 visa and those on OPT are also automatically eligible for coverage.

Affordable Student Insurance Covers Wide Aspects of Student Life

Under each of our insurance for Canadian students and insurance for Canadians plans, you can choose from three plan levels from the basic to the most comprehensive select plan. All of our insurance plans offer coverage for mental health, maternity and pre-existing conditions based on some criteria which are required by most schools.

Some of the medical expenses that are covered by our insurance plans include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient charges during hospital visits
  • Charges payable to physicians, surgeons, radiologists, anaesthesiologists
  • Cost of dressings, stitches, casts, or other supplies recommended by the physician or medical specialist
  • Not covered under plans include nebulizers, oxygen tanks, diabetic supplies and devices meant for repeated use at home

The other items covered include:

  • Diagnostic procedures employing radiology
  • Ultra-sonography or laboratory services
  • charges for oxygen and other gases
  • Anaesthetics and their administration
  • Costs of the drug prescription in case of treating a covered injury or illness.

The items excluded from the coverage include replacement of lost, damaged, expired, compromised or stolen drugs. These plans also cover the charges payable to a licensed extended care facility following the direct transfer from a primary care hospital, and emergency local ambulance transport necessitated due to illness or injury demanding inpatient hospitalization. Emergency room treatment of covered injuries and illnesses can also be covered subject to the ER deductible.

Student Insurance Plans Canada need Careful Analysis

The other coverage options common to Canadian student insurance plans include some pre-existing conditions mentioned in the plan. These consist of:

  • Documents of maternity and newborn care
  • Medical expenses related to illnesses
  • Injuries resulting from organized sports activities
  • Treatment of mental health disorders
  • Emergency dental procedures of predefined categories
  • Costs of emergency medical evacuation recommended by physicians
  • Illnesses due to causes of terrorism
  • Costs of emergency reunion
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Incidental home country coverage

Read our plan descriptions clearly to get the exact details on all these items. To be eligible for coverage, all medical procedures must be pre-certified. If you do not pre-certify, coverage will be reduced by 50% and the other expenses will be forfeited.

Our Plans Make us Leaders in Canadian Insurance Sector

The wide range of benefits distinguishes all our insurance for Canadian students and insurance for Canadians plans from the rest of the competitors. Call us today and discover the best services in the student insurance industry.

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