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Insurance for Students into Canada

Canadian Insurance for Students: So You can Focus on Studies
Insurance for students in Canada is becoming a popular option these days with over 180,000 international students pursuing their education in Canada. This figure has nearly doubled since late 1990s. Canadian economy gains more than $6.5 billion dollars due to the inflow of international students. With a huge demand from international students, most schools are diversifying their courses as per international students. Some of the main countries from which foreign students pour into Canada for education include Korea, India, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Taiwan and Germany.

So, there is a huge potential in students insurance. And we are up to the challenge with the best products in hand!

Visa Insurance Canada Student Plans – Nothing Distracts you from Studies

Visa Insurance Canada offers some fantastic insurance for students plans. Some of our plans cover the medical expenses of students and their families during the period of their study. There are also plans that cover other areas like out-bound travel from Canada and the expenses of those students who pursue part-time courses. Both international students studying in Canada as well as Canadian students studying full time in another province or in any other foreign nation outside Canada can take advantage of our insurance for student plans.

Why Students Need Insurance More than Anything

Firstly, it is necessary to understand the importance of subscribing our private insurance for students plan. Though there are some government sponsored student insurance and visitor insurance plans, they do not offer a comprehensive coverage. All of your medical expenses are not covered when you are studying away from home. You will have to spend for all your routine medical services from your pocket.

The most common coverage categories of our insurance for students and insurance for Canadians plans include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Doctor visits and prescriptions
  • Maternity aid
  • Mental health


Emergency medical expenses can cost a fortune nearly driving you bankrupt. Government sponsored plans, therefore, might not suffice your needs. Most of the graduate schools mandate the students purchase a medical insurance cover before the commencement of classes.

Requirements of Student Insurance Plan Canada

Understanding all the pre-requisites of Canadian insurance law, ‘Visa Insurance Canada’ has launched some excellent insurance plans for students. We also deal in insurance for Canadians to meet the diverse needs of international students as well as Canadian students pursuing their courses outside Canada. All our student insurance plans are highly affordable and competitive. They offer you both emergency medical care and non-emergency medical care expenses.

You can get all of our plans customised to match your needs. You can also find some short time student insurance products from our portfolio of insurance for students. You can review each of our student insurance plans online and choose the right one. If you would require any assistance, please call our customer support representative.

What Makes us No. 1 Player in Canadian Insurance Sector

Visa Insurance Canada enjoys an enviable reputation among its customers on account of several reasons. Our proven experience in the insurance arena has helped us perceive the real needs of students and visitors to evolve highly innovative and advantageous insurance plans. We have a highly customer-friendly system to facilitate easy processing of insurance for students and insurance for Canadians applications. Contact us today for your requirements and discover why we are the No. 1 source for insurance for students.

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