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Travel Insurance Plans

Travel Insurance Plans: Ever With You on the Move

These days, one of the most crucial things people are most concerned on their trips is travel insurance coverage. Purchasing a suitable travel insurance plan bestows a great degree of peace of mind. It comes to your rescue if some medical emergency occurs on the way or if you have to face some unforeseen situations during your trip. When you move out of your province or country, travel insurance plans can cover the medical expenses you are eligible for.

Visa Insurance Canada has some wonderful travel insurance plans for Canadians depending on their specific situations and requirements. You may choose from our portfolio of annual or per trip plan options.

Many Travel Insurance Plans: One Ultimate Source

Annual plan will be a suitable option for you if you plan to travel two or more times in a given year for business or for recreation. This will be ideal for those who intend to go take several short trips outside their province or Canada. Some of the additional benefits of annual travel insurance plan include:

  • Trip cancellation Advantage
  • Trip interruption coverage benefits

Annual travel insurance plans offer the best value for frequent travellers. This is the most flexible kind of protection you can avail. It covers during your single or multiple trips of up to 17 days within the period of one year. The medical emergency coverage covers unforeseen illness or bodily injury due to accidents while you are on a trip. The maximum amount depends on the premium you choose to pay and we can tailor make the plans for your specific needs and budget. The trip cancellation coverage option covers the eligible travel costs due to unforeseen cancellation of your trip before the departure date.

Per Trip Plan Insurance Advantages

Visa Insurance Canada offers per trip plans for those travelling once a year for business or entertainment. If you are planning for a trip outside your province or Canada for about 17 days, then this option is the best for you. Per trip travel insurance plans can be purchased just before each trip. Per trip insurance plans are available for trips extending from one to 182 days as per your requirements. You must purchase the coverage for the entire duration of the trip. Also, you have to make sure that you include the dates of departure and return.

One difference between the annual travel insurance plans and per trip travel insurance plans is that the latter do not offer trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage benefits. Know that the provincial health insurance plans do not offer coverage for expenses that you incur when you are out of your province or the territory defined in your plan or out of Canada. Therefore, Visa Insurance Canada’s travel insurance plans will take effect from where other plans have left you.

Let Us Help you choose Wisely

Whatever be the plan you choose, travel insurance plans will not cover treatments, services and expenses connected to your pre-existing conditions.

Several unique advantages of our travel insurance plans distinguish Visa Insurance Canada from its competitors. Call us today for a free quote and discover why our travel insurance plans are the best for you.

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