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Visitor Insurance

Your Trusted Companion for Visitor to Canada Insurance Requirements

Whether you are going for a family adventure, a trip across the border, or an extended retreat for the winter, you definitely need Visa Insurance Canada’s ‘Canada Visitor Insurance plan’. You are with the most reliable insurance firm for your visit to Canada. With a proven expertise in the visitor insurance arena, ‘Visa Insurance Canada’ has been offering a comprehensive suite of Canada visitor insurance plans that will sufficiently cover the travel insurance requirements of different kinds of visitors to Canada.

Myriad Travel Insurance Plans Canada, One Motive – Peace of Mind!

Browse through the list of plans that we offer and select the right one that will address your specific situation. Once you let us know your requirements and travel plans, we can suggest you the most suitable visitor to Canada insurance plan. Over and above, we can be your trusted companion throughout your visit to assure you the best of our services at every stage.

The wide assortment of our Canada visitor insurance products features the most affordable travel insurance packages. Once you purchase any one of our visitor to Canada insurance plans, you can be assured that you enjoy the most dependable financial protection. The aim is to help you during the most unexpected situations and emergencies of your trip.

How to Choose Travel Insurance Plans

While you are on the go to discover the right kind of travel insurance plans that can suffice your requirements and suit your budget, you need to consider a few options.

  • Always ensure you have the right Canada visitor insurance plan with you while you are on your visit.
  • The governmental health plans offer limited coverage and therefore they cannot cover the medical expenses that incur outside Canada.
  • Even while you are inside Canada or within a province, some of the medical expenses are not covered. Or they are only partially covered by governmental plans. Therefore, you will find the visitor to Canada insurance plans an invaluable companion during your travels.

Visitors to Canada can choose their travel insurance plan depending on their situation and status. Visa insurance Canada’s products are ideally suited for the needs of all kinds of visitors, immigrants, foreign students and Canadians who do not have government sponsored medical insurance coverage.

What Makes Visa Insurance Canada Stand Out

Before comparing between our ‘Visitor to Canada insurance’ plans, you need to know why our company is the most distinguished one among several others in the travel insurance arena. The unique advantages of our plans include their suitability to every budget. We offer features that:

  • Fulfil the requirements of super visa
  • Waiver of deductibles
  • Flexible coverage
  • Free transfer period

Some of the common features of our entire visitor to Canada insurance plans can be summed up in simple worthy points.

  • Perfectly meets the citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) Super Visa requirements
  • Offer up to $100,000 emergency medical coverage
  • $100,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage

Our plans cover hospitalization due to medical emergencies on grounds of both medical and dental requirements, adequate repatriation benefits and cremation benefits, paramedical services obtained during injuries, return of baggage and personal effects, and hospital stay costs. Considering the wonderful advantages of Visa Insurance Canada’s unique visitor to Canada insurance plans, you are sure to say our company offers one-stop solution to all your travel insurance needs. Call us now to discuss your insurance needs.

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