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Visitor Insurance Benefit

Visitor insurance is mandatory for immigrants coming into Canada. Whether you are visiting your children, travelling through scenic Canadian landscape or coming as a student for a short time, visitor insurance helps you manage medical costs during your trip.

Visa Insurance Canada – Lowest Premiums with Widest Coverage

We are Canada’s leading insurance services provider with extensive experience in the insurance industry. We provide affordable insurance plans with the widest coverage meant to help visitors into Canada. We aim to serve people visiting friends in Canada, returning Canadians, immigrants into Canada and students.

Our travel medical insurance plans provide coverage for side trips to other countries as well. These are covered for a maximum period of 30 days. So, you can visit some countries during your trip to Canada. For eligibility under this condition, at least 51% of the trip must be spent in Canada. Additionally, there must not be gaps in the coverage provided by the insurance. The policy is purchased before arrival into Canada and the policy’s effective date is the same as arrival date, accidental and sickness coverage is provided immediately. Our plans are meant to offer coverage even for uninterrupted flights from and to Canada.

Benefits of Travel Insurance Plans from Visa Insurance Canada

  • Basic plans provide extra coverage for accidents
  • No maximum age limit
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage
  • Affordable deductible options
  • Discounts on family travel insurance plans
  • Unlimited follow-up visits

We provide coverage for the following categories covered under Visitors to Canada medical insurance plans:

  • Treatment by a certified physician
  • Private duty nurse home care not to exceed $10,000.
  • Hospital ward charges
  • Drugs prescription
  • Outpatient visit charges with charges for ER visit included in coverage
  • Diagnostic procedures while in hospital
  • Emergency transportation and Emergency home return
  • Emergency surgical, medical or anesthetic services performed by qualified surgeon
  • Legally licensed physiotherapist service charges
  • Laboratory tests including emergency, X-ray and other diagnosis
  • Local land, air or sea ambulance services to the nearest hospital.
  • Rental of hospital-type bed, crutches equivalent to the purchase price including the splints cost.
  • Braces, trusses and other necessary prosthetic appliances approved by doctor.
  • Out-patient emergency services provided by hospital.
  • Medication or drug prescription required when hospitalized as in-patient.

Eligibility for Non-Availability of Insurance:

Travel Insurance coverage is not available in the following cases:

  1. Diagnosed with a terminal illness
  2. Diagnosed with congestive heart failure
  3. Had undergone a recent heart surgery
  4.  Suffering from ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)’ or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  5. Presently suffering from stage 4 or 3 cancer of liver, lung, bone, breast and pancreas. For details, contact official authorities
  6. Suffering from chronic lung disease from the last 12 months
  7. Has undertaken a major organ transplant or bone marrow replacement
  8. Received treatment for major illness for kidney diseases
  9. Positive for untreated Aneurysm

To be Eligible for Coverage you Must

  1. be at minimum least 15 days old
  2. Maximum age limit is 89 years old
  3. Not be eligible or availed Canadian government health insurance benefits
  4. Be in good health at the time of policy purchase
  5. Not have a gap of more than 2 years for uninterrupted medical insurance coverage under a TIC insurance plan.

One visitor insurance policy can provide coverage for more than one person. So, you can buy a comprehensive policy and save money on individual policies. However, if you are not eligible for family discounts, the premium for every individual must be paid. Two people, both more than 60 years, cannot obtain coverage under a single policy. It is vital that you understand the waiting period definition before purchasing travel insurance plan in order to know the effective time period of the policy.

Once you have made the right estimates, you can make an enlightened decision. Contact our visitor insurance experts to know more on the pricing and plans.

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