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Visitors Medical Insurance Plans

Visa Insurance Canada’s Super Visa Health Insurance Plans: Overview

In an effort to cut down the backlog of permanent resident applications for parents and grandparents, Canadian government has launched ‘Super Visa’ requirements for new visitors on November 4, 2011. This presents a huge opportunity for Canadians to reunite with their parents and grandparents.

What New Super Visa Rules means for Applicants

Over 165,000 parents and grandparents had applied for permanent resident (PR) status in Canada. Due to this huge volume of applications, the processing time took more than seven years. Therefore, the government introduced ‘Parent and Grandparent Super Visa’ as a means to help the elderly. Super visa can be explained as a temporary resident visa with validity for a maximum period of ten years based on the time available in the passport.

Super visa enables visitors to Canada stay in the country for a period of two years during one visit without renewing the visa. This has drastically reduced the waiting time and application fees. The processing time takes only about 8 weeks on an average.

Super Visa Health Insurance is Mandatory

Super Visa Health Insurance is the private Canadian health insurance that applicants need to buy to cover their medical expenses during their stay in Canada. As per the official sources, the applicants applying under ‘Super Visa’ need to submit a proof that they have purchased a private medical insurance coverage from a certified Canadian Insurance company with validity of minimum one year. Super Visa Medical Insurance covers health care expenses and the costs of hospitalization. Repatriation is also covered. They provide a minimum coverage of $100,000, while higher amounts can also be availed depending on the situation. The plan is valid for every entry into Canada. It will be reviewed by a port of entry officer.

Choose Our Super visa Medical Insurance plans – Comprehensive Coverage at Affordable Prices

Visa Insurance Canada specialises in offering super visa medical insurance plans at the most affordable prices. We have a wide portfolio of products under this category that can effectively meet the varied needs of different senior applicants under ‘Super Visa’. All our super visa health insurance plans can be customised and tailor made for your specific situation and requirements. Lowest rates and the highest benefits distinguish all our super visa medical insurance plans from competitor’s plans in the industry today. Lastly, you experience great peace of mind being with the most reliable insurance company Canada fully committed to your welfare.

Visa Insurance Canada’s Travel Insurance Plans: Overview

‘Visa Insurance Canada’ offers a wide range of travel insurance plans to Canadians and visitors to Canada including senior citizens and students. All our travel insurance plans are exquisitely designed in order to give the best value for money.

Just browse through various super visa and travel medical insurance plans to compare the prices, benefits, secondary benefits and refund policies. Ask us for any personal assistance to find the most suitable plans for your unique needs. You can purchase any of our products online. We are there during every step of the application process to assist you.

All our plans come with emergency expense benefits and coverage for pre-existing conditions. We have highly favourable deductible options and refund policies to benefit our customers. Our unique strengths include widest policy choices, quick processing, personalised advice and after-sales support. You do not have to fill out a lengthy medical questionnaire. Leave worries behind as we are there all the way to assist you.

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